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Nolan's Concussion Recovery Story

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Nolan's Concussion Recovery Story Empty Nolan's Concussion Recovery Story

Post by drjoanny on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:39 am

I've just recently set this video up for wide public distribution. I want people to have hope that they can actually do something about their concussion. You heal for positive psychological reasons. Until you feel good about yourself, you will have a difficult time healing. This is what holistic medicine is really about - strengthening yourself mentally and emotionally in order to become physically strong. You must arm yourself. You must teach yourself new things, otherwise you keep reinforcing the same-old-same-old in your neuronetworks. Negativity becomes a habit. You must use what we already know about brain plasticity and then you will heal your brain by using those principles. That's what Nolan had to do in order to recover successfully from his severe concussion.

Here is Nolan's video:

My hope that his story will show you a different way. It's been more than 2.5 years at this time and he's had no relapses, no headaches, no eye problems, no depression. He's living life as he should be, on his own terms. He got back everything and more because he became a stronger person.


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